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The Psychic Gifts Flush Empowerment can awaken enhance, empower and active the psychic gifts and abilities that are inherent in everyone.  It will  gently flush out things that have kept you from experiencing these abilities.  You may be able to contact your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and more after receiving this empowerment.  You can be enabled to have a more confident attitude about your psychic abilities that will help your success in working with them, increase your confidence to know the difference between intuition and other things.  You can then be opened to the possibility of your Higher Purposes.


Among the many benefits of the Psychic Gifts Flush Empowerment are:
*Confidence in Psychic Abilities
*Enhanced Intuitive Skills
*Financial Abundance
*Spiritual Fulfillment
*Manifesting Energy
*Energetic Boundaries
*Enhanced Communication with Higher Beings of Light

The Flush is activated by intention without symbols being required and can be used as often as needed.  It can be used both for yourself and others, in person and at a distance.


Founder:  Tracey Loper

Psychic Gifts Flush Empowerment

SKU: 515
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