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Papa Hood writes the following about this system:

"Over a period of 7 months, my teacher worked continuously with a Nepalese Hindu Shaman to bring about a series of 13 attunements to many of the ritual tools and and ancient wisdom of the Kali Naga Shamans that has not been available to most shamanic practitioners and students outside of Nepal and Tibet. The result is a series of some of the most powerful attunements that I have ever experienced. These attunements will give you: - access to collective consciousness of the Nepalese Shamans who will help you accomplish anything that you do not know how to do at this time; - the ability to enter deep trances states and to return safely; - power over evil spirits and disease; - the opportunity to learn what your primary area of shamanic activity is and the ability to work powerfully in it; - the energy and power of the Black Cobra both as a force for kundalini activation and awakening as well as the ability to work in the Nine Realms of the Underworld; - the power and capability of many powerful ritual tools that you can use to either empower your own ritual tools with, or can simply manifest the energy of through your own body; and much more!"

Power of the Nepalese Shaman Attunement

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