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Power of the Kapala 

Therefore, this course cannot be sold for less than $300.00 USD, and can never be used on free attunement sites or swap sites, nor is anyone allowed to use this attunement in a buy one get one, two, three or more free venue.

Founder: Dr.Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

Levels 1

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement.

From the author of this attunement:

“Only once in a lifetime, or maybe two or three lifetimes, does such a powerful ritual tool come along as a Kapala from a 16 year old Yogini from Tibet. A Yogini is a Master Shaman, sorceress and sexual healer, and this Kapala comes from the upper portion of her skull that is blessed and then used as a ritual bowl or cup. Not everyone can own one, especially one as rare and powerful as this one, but since we do then you can receive an attunement to it’s power. It is nothing short of mind-blowing!

This young lady was born with the wisdom and collective memories of a Master, and she worked with the Bon Resistance to help the freedom fighters and the people in their tribes. Just a couple of years ago she was brutally murdered by the Chinese Communist Army (PLA) that invaded Tibet in 1959, and is still there. Before she died she asked that her bones be used to bless others, and this attunement is a part of the fulfillment of her dying wish.

The purpose of this attunement is to make it possible for you to transfer the replicated energy of the Kapala to your own ritual implements such as chalices and bowls, but the best thing to use will be the metal Kapalas that are used by those who are unable to get the real thing, or those made from monkey skulls. In fact, considering the great power of this ritual skull cup, it will make the power of other human Kapalas much greater as well. 

There are several powerful things this energy will do for you beyond the general empowerment of this great Yogini’s wisdom and capabilities that will offer the kinds of powerful and rapid change sought after by all of us who follow the Left-Hand Path. They are as follows:

 1.   Vastly ramp up the power of the Crown and Brow Chakras which the Tibetan Buddhists primarily see as one Chakra while the Hindus and Shamans see them as two separate Chakras with some cross-over in purposes. 

2.   Improve your ability to exercise both spiritual and psychic power for various purposes either jointly or separately. 

3.   Give a much stronger and clearer connection to the Chakras above the Crown Chakra to which most humans rarely gain a direct access to work with. 

4.   Increase your connection to the Nine Realms of the Underworld so as to have a greater affinity and ability to work there. 

5.   Increases your spiritual sensitivity and discernment so that you can better understand the motives of those with whom you work with or encounter in your daily life.  

6.   Increases your ability to form an empathic connection with both humans and the rest of nature so that you can see the effects of the actions of yourself and others on all of Creation, and so better judge the actions to take, and those to not engage in for the highest good of all. 

7.   Share the power of the Yogini with you so that you can manifest the great abilities of the Yogini and Yogis in your own life as it is the energy of the Divine Feminine that makes it possible for both sexes, and much more.

Additionally, on every New Moon you will be able to repeat the attunement and receive a series of higher and more refined energies and wisdom transmissions from the spirit of this great Yogini. So, this attunement will continue giving you more and more indefinitely. Since all of our attunements are sent in Orbs of Life you can repeat them as often as you may care to at other times as well.

This Kapala cost us thousands of dollars, and took many months to obtain, so this attunement is not cheap, but if you get it then it will radically change your life for the better. Many of my Apprentices have reported the initial effects of this attunement as lasting anywhere from forty-five minutes to three and a half hours just for the initial download of energy, and then other changes that have radically improved their spiritual and psychic capabilities and their lives as they work with the energy from day to day. And, this attunement will make it possible for you to share it with others as well.

I am extremely grateful to the Great Mother Goddess Mahakali, and to Her servants Janti and Kranos for their help in the process of obtaining this powerful Kapala, and to the spirit of this dear and precious young Yogini whose death brought this into being, and whose spirit has worked with us every step of the way. Without them all, the Mahakali Lineage Holder and I could not have done this great work.”

Power of the Kapala

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