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Founder: Dr. Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

Levels 1

You’ll receive distant attunement, 1 emailed pdf manual

You will receive initiation into the energies described

Attention: this is not a physical object; it is a spiritual empowerment.

You will be able to initiate others

You will receive a certificate at your request

Ongoing support is available via email


Dr. Prajna Shiva Kalidasa writes about his system:

Zauberer means “Magicker” in Bavarian German, and they all use a “Zauberstab” or magic wand. In this course you will not only be attuned to the energy of a real Zauberstab, but you will learn how to physically make and use them as well. This is not some cute little New Age stick with a crystal stuck on the end, but is the real thing! It is powerful, and can be quite deadly if needed or if used carelessly.

When you are finished with this course then you will understand such ancient occult secrets as the “Sacred Measure”, the best woods to use, the right metals to employ, how to empower the wood by burning it in a very special way, the use of runes to empower it further, and a ritual that stopped a tornado that was about to wipe out a town in eastern Oklahoma.

There are other uses for this energy as well. in November of 2010 we were traveling to LA to work with the students of another Shaman. While passing an over-sized load on a road tractor the chase car driver tried to purposely run me off of the road several times. When it was obvious that he intended to hit my van then I used this energy to stop him. This past December of 2011, as I passed that spot on the road, I read the marker commemorating his death. The life of my Consort and me is worth more to me than that of a reckless driver, but careless use of this energy can also harm or kill those who are innocent.

This is a very powerful energy, and if you choose to receive it then you need to be aware of both the great good and the great harm that can come from having it. Be careful of what you are receiving if you order this powerful attunement. And, know that this is one potential weapon that no government in the world can ever take away from you as long as you are alive.

Power Of The Bavarian Zauberer

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