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The Pleiadian Orb of Resonance is a wonderful system that is a unique healing tool that can be used in healing sessions for yourself or others (in person or distance).

The Orb connects you with the vibration and harmonics of the Divine oneness that underpins all of creation; creating a natural resonance and awakening within your and restoring you and all around you to its purest frequency, unfettered by external and internal influences that can compromise one’s experience of the entirety of that connection.

When our connection is not fully conscious, we can feel very disconnected and lose our sense of purpose and meaning. At the very least, when our connection is compromised, we can feel at odds with ourselves in very subtle ways and that has a knock on effect in all areas of our life and wellbeing.

When we are able to experience and connect with the wholeness of the Song of the Universe, we experience true spiritual awakening and healing on all levels. There is no part of us that is not of the Divine Oneness and so every aspect of your being will resonate in harmony with that Divine expression when you work with the Orb.

The Orb can be used for healing, in dynamic mediation, for clearing sacred space or raising the energy vibration in your home or work place, to cleanse crystals, charge crystals and sacred objects, to create an aura of protection, for spiritual development and ascension work – and for personal energy work experimentation too. It’s extremely powerful but also versatile, safe and with simple methods of application that mean anyone can work with this wonderful system!


Founder: Anna Louise May (Maya)

Pleaidian Orb Of Resonance

SKU: 498
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