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Other planets have always been our inspiration for great stories. But when their frequency interacts with our energy, there comes the miracle. These mesmerizing energies bring us different and needed benefits!
Using them, we boost our love potential, intuition, spiritual protection, create, and make things come true.
Dive into their soothing energies and experience everything they offer in abundance!


This package contains the following attunements:

Golden Voice from Mercury: This energy comes from planet Mercury that further is connected with the communicative skills and how to develop them. Although the energy is called “voice”, it helps us to use all kinds of media to present ourselves. Working with this energy we are more able to speak our own truth with ease and be heard, especially in these times. Furthermore, we are going to be prone to express our inner world, state who we truly are without any fear, be self-confident to show what we truly have to offer to the world. It is about being unique and expressing ourselves. This energy encourages us to be ourselves in a unique way and raise awareness of how important is that each voice is heard and respected.

Orange Sphere from the Sun: The energy of the Orange Sphere from the Sun is a very beneficial and unique energy! Like the energy of the Sun, this “Orange Sphere” can help protect you and boost your immune system, as it forms a radiant deep, warm orange cocoon around your aura! You will feel like in a “warm sphere” surrounding you after applying this energy.

Light-Blue Sphere from the Moon: It is a very unique energy that comes from Moon and it is especially good to activate it before you go to bed. It is a feminine energy; it will unlock the feminine potential within you whether you are female or male. The “Light-Blue Sphere” is cooling energy. It works on the intuitive abilities of a person. If you want to develop vivid imagination or achieve a deep meditative state, apply this energy.

Ring from Venus: The energy comes from planet Venus and it is useful for our love life – how we react on love, accept, perceive, give, and receive. This is very potent if we want to develop our loving potential, deal with love that we have in ourselves, and love ourselves and a partner. Generally, this energy is all about love! It is connected to the Heart chakra and it is beneficial for opening up for pure, unconditional love. It is a frequency from Venus that is really beneficial for anyone: both people in relationships and the ones who wish for one. In a way, it is going to help you gain knowledge about what true love really is. Metaphorically, we can call this energy “love detector”.

Sword of Mars: The frequency of this energy comes from the planet Mars. It boosts our personal potentials, inner strength, inner being, and our urge to do something. It is good when you want to put things, words, and ideas into action. It helps the process of manifestation and helps us to be strong and creative. We all have potential in ourselves; it just needs to be unlocked! Although this is a masculine energy, it is good for women too.

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Planets’ Gifts Attunement Package

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