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The Phoenix Soul Spiritual Awakening ritual is from our elite collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.


We will summon forth Thousands of Phoenixes on your behalf for 15 days and they will perform a special ritual to transfer their spiritual essence and powers into you to transfigure your soul into a phoenix and awaken your phoenix dna.

Instant changes will manifest, your mind, body and soul will grow stronger, you will be able to clearly sense the various energy levels, manipulate fire, sleep, eat and drink less than usual, and much more...

Once the 15 days long ritual is over, your soul will become a perfect phoenix soul and gain...

Fire Manipulation

Astral Projection

Eternal Youth And Immortality

Healing Powers

Complete Immunity Against Illnesses And Diseases

Fire Magic

Fire Shield

Perfect Health


Kundalini Awakening

Open Third Eye

Clearly See, Hear And See Spiritual Entities

Astral Time Travel

Mind Control


Mind Reading

Esoteric Secrets

Supreme Wisdom




Increased Psychic Powers

Power Absorption


Poison Immunity

Super Intelligence

Enchanced Speed, Agility And Charisma

Energy Vision

Supreme Vitality

Lucid Dreaming

Prophetic Dreams

Psionic Projection

Reality Warping

Energy Emission

And Much More...

Phoenix Soul Awakening Ritual

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