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by Hari Winarso

This mystical power “Pagar Buana” offers special protective powers for yourself and your assets.

Pagar = “fence”

Buana = “earth, world”

This energy helps you to form an energetic protective shield around the aura to deflect physical attacks from emotionally aroused groups (“mob”).

It also gives you the power to create a powerful protective shield around your home, business premises or workplace and any other asset that you want to protect against theft.

This is a simple system, something that works by transmitting basic mystical power. You get a simple mantra to build up and activate the power and to give this powerful mystical power a direction through intention and visualization.

2 remote initiations via Chi-Ball, 2 scripts (pdf), 1 teacher line: Hari Winarso, Baba Prajna Shiva Kalidasa, Susanne Funke


This system is not part of the BoGo program!

Pagar Buana – Protection of The Earth Attunement

SKU: 402
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