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*** Energy Upgraded October 2020 ***

Possible the easiest healing system to learn!

The Original Reiki system (founded in 2013) is a result of over 2 decades of teaching, experience, and my visit to Mount Kurama.

Reiki means “Universal life energy” and was re-discovered by the Japanese monk Mikao Usui.

You can have access to the Reiki energy via “attunement”. During attunement, different energy centres (Chakras) and energy channels are opened/strengthened. This way you can have access to this energy and channel it through your hands. You can then “switch on” the energy, just by intention. Reiki can also be used on animals, plants, water, etc.

The Original Reiki system is as close as possible to what Usui worked with BEFORE different things were added to it. Examples like predefined hand positions, specific meditation practices, and eventually the Dai Ko Myo symbol. So this system is not Usui Reiki.

The essence of the Original Reiki system is the Reiki energy itself. Another important aspect is the 3 symbols, traditionally taught in Reiki 2.

The Original Reiki system consists of 3 levels, with a total of 4 attunements. Reiki 1 and 2 have 1 attunement each and Reiki 3 (Master Teacher) has 2 attunements (referred to as 3a and 3b).

Q: Are Usui Reiki and your Original Reiki system the same?

A: Even though the system outline is inspired by Usui and has the same symbols and stages of initiation, it is not the same. Usui received Reiki from its original source and passed this on to his students.

The energy in the Original Reiki system also comes directly from the Reiki’s original source, thereby bypassing Usui, and therefore, it was named Original Reiki.

This course is delivered over 3 days.

Includes a beautiful certificate of completion.

Original Reiki Healing System – Complete Reiki Master Teacher Course

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