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This package is especially good for those who want to become a better channel!

Golden-White Spiral: This energy consists of a spiral of two combined energies – a thick white light and the golden energy. This combination of energies is suitable for cutting ethereal threads, negative thought forms, negative implants, negative connections between people, and everything that is unbeneficial for a person. The energy works in two ways. First, white energy goes like a laser beam through negative energy. Then the golden energy heals and fills up any voids left after the removal of any unwanted energies.

White Crown of Palea: White Crown of Palea is a thick, white stream of energy. It is especially good for channelers. This energy has the frequency of high spirits from mountain tops. It is cooling energy, like a breeze that has the ability to open the crown chakra for channeling!

Poseidon’s Ocean Essence: The energy is turquoise, deep blue, violet color, like the ocean. It is suitable for developing intuition and third eye-opening because it consists of the full ray of violet colors. The essence connects you to your inner being, to your true self, higher self, so it gives you an opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with yourself!

Amon Ra’s Ray: It is for self-consciousness, to be able to express yourself, for self-development, for spiritual travelers (both people who travel on a spiritual level and people who go to pilgrimage), for people who seek the truth. The energy comes from the Sun, and it is connected to the solar plexus.

Metatron’s Stream: The energy is transparent and clears the mind from unbeneficial thoughts. It is especially suitable for channelers who have obstacles to channel because of overthinking. The energy puts you into a meditative state, suitable for channeling. You can also use the energy for clearing your mind, meditating, relaxing, after brainstorming, lots of mental activities or after a hard day’s work.

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Opening To Channel Attunement Package

SKU: 352
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