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New Usui Reiki Level 1-2-3

Includes  pdf sent digitally by email and attunements

Founder: Ole Gabrielsen

Levels 3

Note: This is not Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho or Usui Teate which are accredited systems, rather Ole has taken the traditional Reiki System has been upgraded by founder Ole Gabrielsen, Traditional Usui Reiki can seem complicated because there are so many styles of it, with symbols to memorize so it becomes confusing on what system to choose or learn.

This attunement is for someone that is looking to start on their path with Reiki or those that are already Reiki practitioners. It gives a simple way to connect, send and share with others.

  • Ole’s New Usui 1-2-3 connects you to pure and simple Usui Reiki energy. Please note, it is not more advanced or stronger then other modalities but rather a simple viewpoint system.
  • Ole channels via Dr Mikao Usui and New Usui Reiki is thought to be the simplest of the Usui Reiki modalities yet. Like Usui Teate, New Usui has no symbols nor does it contain complicated attunements with long waits between. Ole presents New Reiki as a “smart energy” and will do what is needed whether we guide it or not.

This system gives a simple way to connect, send and share with others

Reiki is intelligent. You cannot force it. Do less and you will gain more. The original “system of Reiki” did not have symbols or levels . Some claims that they have channelled the “highest frequency/band” of Reiki. But I say to you, nothing stops the evolving process! Everything evolves into a finer frequency…and this process is infinite!

The manual includes:

• Healing with Usui 1-2-3

• Cleansing a house/room

• Healing the karmic bond

• Situations/Qualities Healing

• How to pass on New Usui 1-2-3

You’ll receive 3 distant attunements sent by chi ball method only so you can receive at your leisure and 1 emailed pdf original manual.

New Usui Reiki

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