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These energies are intended to help us during these challenging times. Everything seems a bit chaotic, but if we, one by one, give our best to create our own inner peaceful temple, it can affect global change.

This package deals with all seven chakras which makes it a small comprehensive system.

Dive into, enjoy, and share your experience with us!

Hanael’s Loving Hand: This soothing energy is especially good for these times when people worry and when they are separated. It is a greenish color, like the heart chakra because it is connected to it. It is especially good for using it to find out what next step to take. “Hanael’s Loving Hand”, whether using either alone or in group sessions, connects people in a very subtle and gentle way. We get strong healings with this energy. It is also perfect to use it for your family, friends, and for whole humankind in prayer or meditation.” God, Archangels, and Angels want people to be in spiritual unity more than ever, for unity, love, understanding, and mutual help.

Jophiel’s Sun Sphere: Jophiel’s Sun Sphere is a very warm, yellow-orange energy that is connected to the Solar plexus chakra. It is very strong, focused and it goes directly to the whole body and energy system. It helps with immunity, strength, personal power for “stepping out” and develops creativity as well. Jophiel’s Sun Sphere further helps us to know how to be creative in these times, listen to our inner being, how to stay strong, and helps others gain strength as well. It has the ability to cheer us up!

Goddess Eir’s Fusion: This wonderful Scandinavian goddess gifts us with the energy fusion for three chakras: the Throat chakra, the Third Eye chakra, and the Crown chakra. It connects completely and meaningfully these three chakras: communication, vision, and the connection to the Divine. The energy goes to the whole head in a subtle and gentle way. It helps with communication to the spiritual realm, gaining knowledge from the spiritual realm, and how to connect in these times to high-frequent energies. We also become more focused on what is really important for us. Since the energy is focused on the whole head, it can help with headaches as well. During the attunement, we can feel a slight vibration in our heads, from the neck to the top of our heads. All in all, this fusion is a little “rainbow” of the violet-bluish specter.

Master Buddha’s Support: This energy is especially good for meditation and should be performed in a meditative position. It is the energy for the First chakra and it connects us directly to divine Mother Earth, in a way that we connect to our roots, to where we belong in a spiritual way. It is called “Buddha’s Support” because we feel the presence of Master Buddha, peace and alignment with our being, personal strength, and potentials. With this meditation, we get insights into what our mission on planet Earth is. Furthermore, it is excellent for grounding.

Ariel’s Flower of Nourishment: Ariel’s Flower of Nourishment is warm energy for the Second chakra and it has a “mother-like” touch, like a nice and soft hug. It cleanses the area of reproductive organs and boosts creativity. In these times it is much needed for people to feel protected, hugged, nourished, and taken care of. For these times we are in now, it is the perfect energy to bring us peace and creativity in the present moment. When we are aligned with ourselves we are more prone to use time productively. We might draw, write poems, work out, etc. All in all, for everything that we sometimes do not find time for. Let’s connect to Ariel’s energy and help ourselves with all our inspiring projects.

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

New Package For These Times

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