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Neon Sphere Healing: Magical “Neon lights” of Healing…Brought by the high, holy, magical beings of light, healing frequencies from the universe!


Founder Lavinia Sina Szendrei

Levels 1

Languages: English and German

Manual Translated into English by Radha Sundari with permission from Lavinia

Contains a healing symbol

You’ll receive 1 distant attunement and 1 emailed PDF manual

You will be able to initiate others

You will receive a certificate at your request

Ongoing support is available via email

Spiritual Lineage -Lavinia Sina Szendrei -Radha Sundari


About this system:

From Lavinia’s manual:

Magical “Neon lights” of Healing…… Brought by the high, holy, magical beings of light.

This magical Energy contains healing frequencies from the universe and frequencies from the Colors of the rainbow in neon colors. Neon colors are the exponentiation of “normal” colors. Neon Sphere Healing is VERY healing on ALL levels and in ANY way. Perfect for all Light workers!! And all other healers for their professional use for Clients. Every spiritual healing with this system is empowerment again and again. Empowerment in combination with the system energies individually adapted for everyone, Humans, and every being on planet earth. Empowerment into the primordial essence of the respective soul.

This system can of course also be used for self-application. If the intention is set, this system can also lead to awakening, used for spiritual abilities and for spiritual awakening.
Diverse insights and changes can be made with this system enter. I cannot predict which exactly. It will be with everyone to be of the most varied nature.

But nothing will happen that you or your client do not want or what God does not want for certain living beings or the living beings themselves do not want, such as animals, nature, etc.


Neon Sphere Healing Symbol

This image is magical with the healing frequencies of the universe, the frequencies of the neon colors of the rainbow, and divine particles from Incarnated angels who have awakened and have given me their consent at a soul level. It radiates energies with enormous “force”.
Use it for concentration, to increase the energies, and/or to make them flow faster.
Hold your hand/ hands over it to feel the energies and to lead into your body. There are endless ways to use this symbol. Use it
Intuitively, or as your spirit guides, guide you to do it.

Highly spiritual people, after briefly focusing on this symbol, will see how it “breathes, lives” and “moves” multidimensional. That alone looking at it can mean an initiation for you, so be prepared …

Neon Sphere Healing

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