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Warning: this is a pure Black Arts offering. Cannot be used for healing or similar benevolent purpose.


Enter the Dark Soul Transfiguration ritual from our Master collection! Only one will be ever offered here for the Chosen Dark One.


We will summon forth The Dark Ones over a 15 days long ritual on your behalf, who are over 50 Death Gods and Goddesses. They will perform a special ritual to transfigure your mind, body and soul into a Dark Immortal God/Goddess and possess truly dark divine powers. Your being will be filled with the essence of evil, darkness, death, night, pain, torture, suffering, sadism and malice. They will only make you stronger and give you power and complete control over all things nocturnal.

Once the 15 days long ritual is finished, you will be completely reborn as a Dark Immortal God/Goddess and reached true immortality. Nothing will be able to harm you in any way. You will have an eternal spiritual darkness shield around you, that will prevent all sorts of harm, pain, illness, disease, black magic attack, curse, hex, slander, bad luck and return them to the sender tenfold.

The Dark Ones will become your eternal allies. They will never harm you in any way. They will fully awaken your astral senses and let you clearly see and hear them. They will help you to unlock your full powers and let you channel darkness into your spells and rituals to fulfill your desires. They will give you special words of power to obtain large amounts of money, control others, destroy your enemies and much more...

You will be able to soul travel to their home plane and visit them there. After you worked with them for quite a while, they will each bestow upon you a special servitor entity, who will obey you and carry out your limitless commands.

The names of The Dark Ones, their full powers and other information will only be reavealed to the Chosen Dark One.

Necronomicon Dark Soul Transfiguration Ritual

SKU: 257
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