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This special ritual is from our Master collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.


We will performa a ritual to bind to your aura and soul a Million Djinns. They will be at your service and obey your every commands, desires and wishes. They are extremely powerful Master Djinns, able to bring you vast amounts of money, lottery winnings, business success, precious metals, jeweleries, protect you from all kinds of harm, increase your physicals, spiritual and psychic powers, let you live more than 90 years easily, grant you excellent health, bring you a random lover, a certain person or a soulmate, cause harm to your enemies and much more...

They are loyal to their Keepers and will never harm them, their family, friends, pets, etc.

The ritual takes 5 days long and once completed, the djinns will present themselves to you and await your commands. You will be able to clearly see and hear them. They will fully open your third eye and let you see, hear and work with all kinds of spiritual entities.

What is your desire? The 1 Million Djinns are able to fulfill it easily and quickly.

Million Djinn Master Direct Binding

SKU: 252
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