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Our Coven decided to offer our Mega Demon Transfiguration Ritual to three worthy Masters or Mistresses. Only three will be here up for sale!


Our Coven will perform a 15 days long ritual on your behalf to completely transfigure your mind, body and soul into a Demon King or Queen. Your whole being will transform into an unparraleled Demonic Ruler.

Let the powers of Hell and Lucifer flow through your whole being and obtain omnipotent demonic powers.

You will shed your old self and reborn as a Demon King/Queen. You will have legions of demons serving you and fulfilling your limitless desires.

The demons will be your eternal friends and allies. They will never harm you and always ready to help you and serve you. You will be able to soul travel to the Hells and back whenever you desire.


As the new Demon King/Queen, you will gain...

Demonic Powers

Astral Projection


Dark Powers

Super Intelligence



Mind Reading

Mind Control

Eternal Youth and Immortality

Total Immunity Against Illnesses, Diseases, Curses, Bad Luck, Gossip, Slander

Overall Good Health

Supernatural Strength, Power, Beauty, Charisma, Endurance

Instant Riches

Good Luck

Ability To Clearly See And Speak With Supernatural Entities

Astral Shapeshifting

Control Over Others

See And Speak With Dead Souls And Supernatural Entities

Infinite Knowledge, Power And Energy



Multi Dimensional Power, Wisdom And Knowledge

Ascension And Soul Travel To Other Planes

Worldly Power

Revenge Upon Your Enemies

Extreme Success

Job Promotions

Increased Ability To Utilize Life Force Energy

Increased Sexual Energy And Performance

Heightened Ability To Control Your Body

And much more...



Lucifer wants three worthy Masters/Mistresses to join him in Hell and become Demon Kings/Queens.

Do you wish to obtain omnipotent demonic powers? Are you ready to become a Demon?

Lucifer calls to YOU! Can you hear him? 

Mega Demon Transfiguration Ritual

SKU: 254
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