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Founder: Hari Andre Winarso

Levels: 4

Included is pdf manual sent electronically and 1 distant energy attunement

You may pass this energy system along to others

You will receive a certificate at your request

Ongoing support is available via email



About this system:

Master Space clearing helps you create that lovely energy that feels so good to walk into. And if you live in a house that was lived in by others, you may be inheriting their energies and, if so, they could be affecting you!

Master Space Clearing is an attunement system of cleansing and consecrating spaces. It is a profound and highly effective technique for clearing and revitalizing the energy in homes, offices, schools, and hospitals. Just as cleaning your house keeps the physical space looking and feeling nice to live in, space clearing makes the energetic space you live in feel clean and fresh.

Not only for a place / a room, this Master Space Clearing also highly effective for your energetic body systems, emotional, relationships, etc.


This attunement is performed distantly and are as follows:

Addictions and Addictive Patterning and Programming

Anger, Rage and Resentment

Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Field

Blocks to Abundance

Blocks to Aligning with GOD

Blocks to Mastery/Sovereignty

Blocks to Self Love

Brains/Minds/Neuronets, Etc.

Master Space Clearing Attunement

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