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Mar’Kai System Lord Fourth Degree is a high energetic healing system of the New Age. It is a very ancient energetic healing system that originates from the times of Lemuria. The only ones who knew about the existence of this old healing system were the high priestesses and priests capable of keeping their divine omnipotence as well as the divine energies of the planet Earth in balance.

Only a very elevated consciousness received the initiation into the Mar’Kai System Lord, and this system bears a high responsibility even today.

With this initiation you will be able to increase your divine energies, to hold them and to hold the energies of planet Earth. This system serves the planetary ascension in order to bring Earth back into the divine magnetic lines.

During your attunement you will travel into the time of Lemuria and you will be lovingly welcomed by the high priests and priestesses, as well as by Master Adama. More high beings of light will be present at your holy ceremony during which you will be elevated into the rank of a System Lord. Much will seem familiar to you, if your soul remembers, for you were already here a long, long time ago.

In the crystal temple the high priest Adama will instruct and prepare you for your holy ceremony. He will assume your training, which will last four days and four nights. During this time highly energetic Lemurian energies will flow through your levels and systems, which will clear, cleanse, align and recenter you. The crystal of the System Lord will be activated above your crown chakra, pure energy of omnipotence will flow through your entire being and will make your bodies resonate and vibrate. Your body of light will expand more than 80% and you will awaken if your soul allows it.


Prerequisite: Mar’Kai System Master

Founder:  Thomas Nama’Ba’Ronis Staar

Mar’Kai System Lord Fourth Degree

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