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Mar’Kai Healing Systems: High-energy initiation in the frequency 999 with High Priest of Telos, Lemurian high vibrational energies!



Ascendancy 999

Founder: Gaby Solina Grill-Mitterhofer

Levels 1

You’ll receive 1 distant attunement and 1 emailed pdf manual

You will be able to initiate others

You will receive a certificate at your request

Ongoing support is available via email


About this system:

Lady Solina has written in her manual:

“Greetings, my lovely soul! I’m Adama, the High Priest of Light city TELOS. Some time ago I promised to initiate you in one of the most high frequency healing system. Now it is time to give this system to people with higher consciousness. This system is called Mar’Kai which means “elemental force of the universe”. The colors of this energy are the colors of the rainbow, so in Lemuria this system was also called Rainbow Energy. It is one of the most respected and protected systems from the time of Lemuria. For people of the third dimension, it will be new energy, although it is an ancient system, which is passed now from our light empires to you.

Mar’Kai is a system based on “Technology” of modern times, it does not need any complex symbols. Simplicity, your intention, and your divine power within you are enough to work with it after your initiation into the three degrees of MAR KAI – system.

I am Adama, the highest priest of the light city TELOS.

The Initiations take place in the Dimension of Lemuria you will go there with Adama.

Adama is the High Priest — the spiritual leader in the sacred Lemurian city of Light called Telos beneath Mount Shasta, CA. He is the head of the Lemurian Council of Light in Telos. Also an ambassador and diplomat for Galactic contacts with our Star Brothers and Sisters, on behalf of humanity within and on the surface of the globe.

Adama, along with his Lemurian team are also in charge of the creation and maintenance of a very important crystalline grid around this planet. He is working with many members of various galactic and interplanetary beings on this important project.

Adama is a Blue Ray ascended master of universal level, a master of Love and Compassion, assisting humanity and the planet with the ascension project. Telos has now become the main headquarters for ascension on this planet, and Adama is one of the main leaders, along with the planetary Christ, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sananda, Lord Buddha, Sanat Kumara, and so many others.

Adama embodies the ―Heart of Lemuria‖ which is nothing less than the heart of love and compassion and the heart of the Divine Mother, the return of the Christ consciousness on this planet with all its wondrous magnificence.

Adama’s time to be known and heard on the surface of this planet has now come. His spiritual presence among us and the spiritual presence of our former Lemurian family is a great blessing for us all and for the planet. Let’s open our hearts to Adama and to the members of our Lemurian family who are assisting us in our evolutionary pathway, waiting to reconnect with us in a more physical manner in the years to come.

This healing system comes from ancient Lemuria. This is one of the strongest healing systems.

Working with energy Mar’Kai is very simple, just your intention is enough. This energy has its own consciousness, it can’t be manipulated. This energy knows what to do, it finds its way.

During the initiations the high priest, Adama will accompany you in the dimension of Lemuria, and he will activate the crystal of Universe elemental force in your heart chakra and open the channel of Mar’Kai in you.

Initiations in 3 levels should be passed on at intervals of 24 hours

Mar’Kai Healing Systems

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