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Magical Beauty Fire by Lavinia Szendrei

Levels 1

Lavinia Szendrei, Founder

Magical Beauty Fire

….powerful beauty magic.

This magic generates inner beauty, youthfulness, attractiveness, a gorgeous charisma, a dazzling aura, noble attitude, a royal demanor, sex appeal and magical attraction. The energy is extremely useful for the rejuvenation of the physical body, for weight loss, to improve the skins appearance, strengthening vitality and physical/sexual power, etc. It is an incredibly powerful energy!!!

Please note: This system may be chosen as your main choice in buy one get one free offers but it may not be your free choice. This system is not eligible for package offers. It should not be gifted, exchanged, traded, offered and or posted on the internet or in reiki groups or swapped in reiki friendships.

Magical Beauty Fire

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