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Founder: Radha Sundari

Levels 1

You’ll receive 1 distant attunement and 1 emailed pdf manual

You will also get two mp3s of cheat code entries:

  • Magic cheat code To make a person think about your touch
  • To attract a person into your life. Or for an existing person to Propose

You will be able to initiate others

You will receive a certificate at your request

Ongoing support is available via email


About this system:

With a touch, you can breathe life.

Touch is the language of love. It is a language without sounds, rules, grammatical forms. With your hands, your heart speaks to your loved one, expressing feelings in a way that words cannot express. A gentle touch on her face, loving stroking of his back, a gentle fingering on her stomach – all these gestures overcome the limitations of verbal language and express your desire, your feelings more fully and clearly than any words.

There is something in the relationship between a man and a woman that, perhaps, will be more important than the usual sexual pleasures.

And this something – tenderness, manifested in the form of gentle hugs and gentle touches to each other.


An ordinary, seemingly gentle hug has truly magical properties.

In particular, scientists have proven that even a simple gentle touch of a loved one relieves stress and reduces fatigue in his partner, improves blood circulation, and lowers blood pressure. What can we say about hugs? The latter is even able to relieve pain and certainly improve mood.


What’s the secret?

It turns out that the touch of a dear person in itself already has a healing effect since it causes a whole hormonal revolution in the body of the one who has been petted. First, endorphins (hormones of joy) are released, which reduce any pain and cause a feeling of unreasonable euphoria. In addition, increased production of hormones such as serotonin (relieves anxiety levels), oxytocin (relieves stress), dopamine (improves concentration) begins. Therefore, the hug of a loved one is the first thing we need in a stressful situation.

There are never too many hugs.

How can you tell if your couple has a persistent lack of tenderness? Very simple. As scientists have found out, people who regularly do not receive tactile contact with their loved ones begin to experience a growing sense

of anxiety, a decrease in the emotional background, and self-doubt.

In search of a way out, partners begin to look for tenderness through sex – that is, they play out a sudden passion with only one goal – to get their dose of touch. What else can they do? After all, to maintain a good state of mind, a person needs eight hugs a day!


The most frequent touches that people exchange:

A strong mutual hug “in an armful” is a symbol of openness and trust, support, and readiness to take responsibility for this person.

A handshake speaks of strong friendships and business relationships.

Light touches to the shoulders or back are a sign of support, attention to the interlocutor.

Intimate touching is a sign of complete acceptance of a partner.

Stroking on the head is a parental technique, the purpose of which is obvious, to pity, caress, calm a loved one.


This empowerment will help you:

Make your touch unforgettable

It will help remove blocks from the heart and hand chakras so that the healing energy of love flows through the hands

Cleans and strengthens your aura

Improves Your Gift of Healing with Hands

Your partner will think about your touch

Helps to attract the right person into your life

Your extrasensory hand sensibility will intensify

You will feel the energies better

The massage you will do will be healing

Your touch and Hugs will heal

Your partner will be crazy about your touch

And Much More!


Because of the unlimited nature of the energies provided in this empowerment, there is potential for new capabilities to unfold for you that is specific to you and your needs.


What is Cheat Code?

A cheat code or mantra is a specific set of syllables that connects our metaphysical consciousness with the metaphysical world. No need to think about where they come from, why they are. Our task is simply to read them.

If you try to formulate a simple answer to the question “what do Cheat codes do?”, Then this answer will be: “relax, calm and transform.” At the moment of reading Cheat codes, the brain involuntarily concentrates only on the reproduction of these sounds. So, all extraneous thoughts, worries, worries leave the head, only these sounds remain.

Cheat code differs from mantras only in that it can actually be read, not chanted.

And you can not worry about stretching the syllables, but just read, this does not diminish its effect.

CHEAT-KOD is an analog of a short “prayer” in the ancient Sanskrit language. This is what triggers special energies when pronouncing the combination of these words and letters!

Magic Touch Empowerment

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