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Magic Protection Reiki

Founder Hari Winarso

Levels : 3 Levels.

Symbol : 4 Symbols.

Magic Protection Reiki: The original and prerequiste to Magic Protection Advanced

About this system:

Magic Protection Reiki  highly useful when one is around environments or individuals that are psychically draining, vibrationally contaminated, emotionally distraught or psychologically unstable. Those of us who are sensitive are acutely aware of how challenging it can be to shop at some discount department stores, shopping malls or go into other energetically “heavy,” “dense” or “chaotic” environments. This energy is incredible for holding chaotic and disturbing vibrations and influences at bay and maintaining the vibrational integrity of your body/mind/field complex, personal space and psyche.

MAGIC PROTECTION REIKI also provides protection in locations and around persons experiencing attachment, intrusion or possession by discarnate entities or other Spiritual interference. The best general location of application is the back/base of the scull/medulla center and the Third Eye Chakra or more specifically, any location identified by kinesiology (muscle testing). This Reiki system is also channeled to protect the vibrational integrity of living and work space by providing a field/shield to halt and deflect detrimental intruding vibrations, frequencies, influences and their programming.

You will receive a distant attunement, a pdf manual, sent via an Orb of Life.

There is a 48 hour wait between levels.

Magic Protection Reiki

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