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This listing is intended for only a Female Individual.

This is a white arts offering. Cannot be used to harm, mind control or similar evil purpose.


The Lunar Soul Transformation Ritual is from our elite collection. Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.


We will summon forth dozens of Moon and Lunar Goddesses, legions of Moon Spirits, Moon Djinns , Moon Angels, Moon Elfs and Lunar Wisps over a 15 days long ritual. They will transfer their divine, omnipotent spiritual essence and powers into you to transfigure your mind, body and soul into a new Divine Lunar Goddess.

You will feel your new powers even on your first day, it will gradually improve over the days and once it is finished, then the energies will suddenly explode around you. It will be felt as pure spiritual energy and power. Your soul passed through Apotheosis and became immortal for all eternity. You will be reborn as a Divine Lunar Goddess wiith limitless power, energy and able to do and achieve ANYTHING YOU DESIRE.

Be it sex, money, power, love, animal communication, moon magic, protection, healing, astral projection, supernatural powers, etc. You will be able to fulfill all these and more with your LUNAR POWERS.

Your soul will radiate with divine and omnipotent energies and act as a beacon towards all kinds of moon and lunar entities and lunar creatures. They will seek you out and often visit you to converse, give you advice or guidance, help you to unlock your full moon and lunar abilities and master them, reveal special and unique words of power to you and more.

They will become your eternal friends, allies, companions and servants along your path. They will never harm you in any way. You can always turn to them for help and advice in your times of need and they will gladly lend you their aid, obey your commands and fulfill your desires.

Your powers will grow over the years and you will be the most powerful during the day and midday. You might even rule over other creatures of the night (elfs, elementals, fey, dragons, angels or djinns).

An eternal lunar shield will be formed around your mind, body and soul, that will repel back to the sender tenfold all kinds of negativity, illness, disease, slander, bad luck, injury, black magic attack, curse, hex. You won't need to be afraid of these things as a Divine Lunar Goddess, because no harm will come to your supernatural being.

We recommend this ritual to those, who wish to forget the past bad things and start a New Path filled with new opportunities, power and success.

You can't do bad, harmful or selfish acts as a Divine Lunar Goddess. You can choose to help others and do good things - if such is your desire.

Your powers will be very powerful during the Full Moon.

All necessary information will be provided to the Chosen One.


The new user of this ritual will obtain......

Lunar Magic

Lunar Powers

White Powers

Eternal Youth And Immortality

Immunity Against Illnesses And Diseases

Overall Good Health

Healing Powers

Astral Projection

Spirit Communication

Animal Communication

Open Third Eye




Good Luck

Shadow Manipulation




Aura Reading

Mind Reading

Protection Magic

Energy Absorption

Super Intelligence

Increased Charisma

Heightened Senses

Crystal Magic

Universal Wisdom And Knowledge

Reverse Aging Process

Supernatural Beauty

And Much More...

Lunar Soul Transformation Ritual

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