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Quan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. She’s also a being of enlightenment of all beings. She is knowns as the one who “hears the cries of the world”. The cries that she hears are those heartfelt, perfect prayers that come when the ego has been quieted, the perfect utterances of the heart and spirit that open us to direct experience of the limitless Divine.

Lotus Fountain Healing allows you to act as a channel for Universal Life Force energy for the purpose of effecting healing and spiritual development.

The energy for this system is full-spectrum which makes it a versatile option that can be used for all kinds of healing, meditation, ritual and spiritual work. It can be used for self-healing, distance healing, animal healing as well as in-person healing.

The course includes the use of mudras (sacred hand positions) and special techniques for activating the flow of energy through the energy center in the palms, from the heart center. There are suggestions on how to prepare for attunements and healing sessions as well as recommendations for the optimal mindset and practice for developing your abilities in energy work.

The sacred lotus is a powerful symbol for spiritual enlightenment and the manual explains in detail how the life-journey of the lotus mirrors the life-journey of the human soul. Connecting with this powerful symbol using the Lotus Fountain Healing techniques can help you to maintain alignment with your higher self throughout your energy work and into your daily life so Lotus Fountain Healing is a great option for a daily mediation or healing practice too!


Founder: Anna Louise May (Maya)

Lotus Fountain Healing Technique

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