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This Reiki style has been channeled with the help of the Archangel Metatron.

It is deeply connected to the heart chakra since it connects directly to it and expands it.

It actually promotes your vision, both spiritually and physically!

Light Reiki is, as the name itself states, connected to light.

As the white light transforms into seven rainbow colors, it connects to our seven chakras!

Additionally, that is what happens in the chakras when we receive the attunement.

Several people asked if there was a Reiki with colors. Well, Light Reiki is.

The light particles are combined with Reiki.

Many have heard and use Full Spectrum Light, but this healing system is different. FSL is not a Reiki.

Light acts like a wave, but it is acknowledged to consist of light particles of energy called photons. It is believed by some that they can be visible with the naked eye.

When you combine it with Reiki you get Light Reiki. Combined with Reiki, the universal life force, we get a powerful system.

Light Reiki is a great transformative system that heals on a cellular level. It makes you a perfect channel for Reiki in general and for other systems as well.

It is also a great system to start your energy journey with: it is simple to use and there are no levels. But it is good for experienced energy practitioners as well.

Furthermore, this system is good for energy cleansing. It helps cleanse any negative or stagnant energy in the body and helps us to heal on a deep level.

You might expect a minor cleansing process with this system. It is not invasive, and it will not take long as the usual 21 days of cleansing, on the contrary, it is swift.

It is an individual process that depends on the current state of our being. The process happens after the attunement and the first single-use. So do not wait to try the system for too long after you have received the attunement. Then, continue to use it whenever you feel the need.

Benefits of Light Reiki:

Expands our heart chakra

It is connected to our seven chakras

It promotes the spiritual and physical vision

Light particles work perfectly together with Reiki

It’s a very transformative system

Works on a cellular level

Easy to use

Good both for beginners and experienced healers

No pre-requisites

Cleanses us energetically

Including a manual and a beautiful certificate!

Light Reiki

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