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Light of Forgiveness Reiki

Levels 1

The Light of Forgiveness Reiki is considered one of the most powerful Reiki attunements that you may ever receive because everyone has areas of their heart that could be opened to greater forgiveness. When we consider forgiveness we often think of the big hurts of life such as betrayal from a loved one without considering the many, many, small slights we experience throughout our lifetime and in our daily life such as a driver that cuts us off in traffic or a retail clerk who is very rude.

Light of Forgiveness Reiki is a special form of Reiki energy that helps to heal and cleanse the individual of old hurts, griefs, or issues that are causing a lack of love of the self or others. This attunement provides the recipient with a major zap of forgiveness energy which can truly be transforming!

Light of Forgiveness Reiki, is designed to help you are release deep, embedded issues that might normally be difficult to heal, and to clear out resentments, angers, hurts, and pains that have accumulated and stored within. The Light of Forgiveness is a powerful energy that will move in clear out these energies in a comprehensive but gentle way so that you can live happier, more joyfully and freer.

With purchase you will receive:

The original  English pdf manual sent electronically by email & 1 distant attunement via chi ball call in method.

Light Of Forgiveness Reiki

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