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Have you ever thought if you are on the right path to living your dreams?

Maybe you are still in the process of finding your true self. Or you just want to improve your life and follow the mission you feel inside of your soul.
These energy techniques may help you in that way by clearing your mind and helping you to embrace your best qualities. Your task is just to relax, let the energy flow and feel the „pulse“ of your soul. You might even get surprised how wonderful and potent being you are! Cherish that and be brave to step into the realm of transformation, dreams, and potentials. We all deserve the life we have always dreamt about!

The package contains:

Sun Ray: This energy is like a strong stream that comes directly from the Sun working on the principle of a laser. It is connected to the solar plexus and it serves to completely clear the path to your life mission! Sun Ray connects you to the Sun, by improving the connection that naturally already exists. It helps you to improve your awareness of your life mission, to know how to accept it and to cherish what the Sun brings. In astrology, the Sun represents our life path and furthermore tells us about our mission and how we can succeed in life. Being aware of the life force that we all have inside of ourselves and embracing it, it improves our connection to the Sun. Sun Ray can be performed as a meditation or as hands-on healing by placing the hands on the solar plexus.

Sodalite Ray: This energy is a gift from Archangel Michael and it is connected to the throat chakra. It is good not only for opening, clearing, and cleansing this chakra but also for filling up the chakra to make it work properly. This energy can help you to more easily speak out your truth and stand your ground when you want to express your life mission, goals and career. Use this energy when you have a public speech or a meeting. It is highly recommended to mentally call this energy, place your hands on your throat chakra, and channel it for 5 to 15 minutes. You might experience more self-confidence about presenting your own truth than usual. Whatever is in front of you is going to seem easier to express.

Diamond Essence: Diamond Essence is connected to the crown chakra. This is a very fine energy that will metaphorically refurbish you as diamonds are refurbished. Diamond Essence is a very transforming energy, and although it is connected to the crown chakra, it also heals the whole ethereal body! Diamond Essence clears the aura and it gives us insights about ourselves. It is a transformative energy for our life path and life mission, which is very crucial for us. This essence is very light but at the same time strongly transformative. How to use it? It can be performed as meditation or hands-on healing. You might feel the attunement going through all your chakras, even though it is connected to the crown chakra.

Zadkiel’s Maroon Cape: This is truly interesting and unique energy because it connects you with your guardian angel! The energy is concentrated on your back taking off the burdens we might pick up through life. It is deep-colored and protective energy. To use, mentally state once “Maroon Cape”, let the energy flow for 5 minutes and allow the energy to lead you into deep meditation. The next step is to say: “God, please, let me connect to my guardian angel” and you will get cleansing, guidance, and answers. You can even ask questions mentally that are crucial for your life and you might get the answers instantly, or when the right time comes. When asking questions about your life, do not expect them to be answered when you want. Let the energy flow and let the angels and God decide when the best time is. That is crucial for healing so you are detached from your ego. That is how it should usually work when you ask questions about your life, life mission, and life path. This energy cleanses us as well, so you are more prone to receive healing, inspiration, and clairvoyant abilities. The energy is very warm because of deep red, violet colors that are usually connected to the lower chakras. The heat goes on your back, shoulders, and hands and it is very good for giving healing on the back when you heal your clients. Also, you can cleanse with this energy after any healing or just finish the session with the “Maroon Cape” for protection. It is good when people have tension in their muscles, back or shoulders.

Crown Breeze: Crown Breeze is a thick, deep, white energy connected to the crown chakra. When using this energy you might feel tickling as it opens the crown chakra, widens it and also connects you to the divine. Although it’s working on your crown chakra, you are not going to feel disconnected to the ground. That is a nice thing about this energy because it gives you the ability to be grounded and to be connected to the source at the same time. Connection to the source is very important when it comes to your goals because you get clear information within yourself about what your mission and path are. Using the “Crown Breeze” you are going to achieve your goals easier and get inspiration about your life course, path, and mission. Furthermore, you are going to feel how to connect to the divine inside yourself. You can meditate when you activate this energy or perform hands-on healing on your crown chakra. You might feel tickling, light breeze or heat, depending on the way you feel energy.

Golden Net: This is the gift from Archangel Raphael. The energy works on the principle of boosting the best qualities you have. It goes from your crown chakra and all down to your feet. When you start the energy, put your hands on your crown chakra and mentally state once: “Golden-yellow net”. And it works on the principle of releasing everything that is not beneficial for you. It refurbishes the best qualities you have! After that, you do not need to ground, just put the hands-on your crown chakra and mentally state “Golden-yellow net”. Let the energy flow for 15 minutes and the treatment is done. You can do an affirmation or a prayer such as: “Please, God, I want my best qualities to be shown and my energy to cleansed, cleared and radiant”. Just have a strong intention of doing that. What does this have to do with the life mission? It refurbishes all your qualities, cleanses your aura, energy field and you are “good to go”.

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Life Purpose Attunement Package

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