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This energy system consists of four energies. They correspond to the system of seven chakras. It is created in order to help us with everything we need at a particular moment in our lives.

Archangels want us to ponder deep inside of our beings by gifting us with these energies, but the “final touch” has to be ours. We are the ones who are responsible for our lives.

„We are there to help you and guide you, but the one who is in control is you. You are the one who should go forward in this life without fear and hesitation. Pray, trust, and love as much as you can. And everything is possible for you in this life.“


This system contains the following energies:

Seed of Life by Archangel Raziel: This energy is connected to two lower chakras, Sacral and Root chakra.

It is good for the creation of something new, creativity, and vitality. It is called “Seed of Life” because we are able to start something new with the help of this energy.

It literally can help with creating a new life because it is connected to the Sacral chakra and sexuality. Also, it can help unlock our personal potentials and make us grow.

If you want to start a job, a personal mission, a speech, or a relationship, use this energy. It can help to show us what is to be unlocked and worked on. Not only can it help us to achieve what we want to do, but also to discover things we should work on and plan further.

Life Transformation by Archangel Chamuel: This energy connected to the Heart chakra consists of several rays of green color; from very light milky green to deep emerald green.

It is suitable for inner transformation, connection to Divine, and clear vision of our inner being from an objective perspective.

This energy can help us show who we truly are, deep inside of ourselves. It can help to give us courage and blessing by helping us to materialize and make visible who we truly are.

Life Development from Archangel Raziel: This energy is connected to the Solar plexus chakra. It gives us the potential to show who we truly are.

It is called “Development” because it is developing both visible and invisible sides of us.

This energy is good when we want to work on ourselves, on developing our potentials, and showing who we truly are. It is going to give us the strength to be courageous in achieving life goals.

It is especially good for helping us with something we do for a living and promotions in general.

We were born with life missions that are very important for us to feel fulfilled and happy. We shouldn’t hesitate to be recognized by people and have wishes. It is normal for a human being to want something. We should use this energy to help us in finding the right path to those goals.

The Truth of Life by Archangel Chamuel: This energy is connected to the Throat, Third eye, and Crown chakras. It connects and unifies these three chakras with a spectrum of colors that correspond to them. It can help us to see the truth, get Divine inspiration, and speak the truth.

Working with this energy, we are opening up for receiving messages from the spiritual realm and communicating with our spirit guides in a subtle and gentle manner.

We are going to be more sensitive so that we feel the presence of spiritual guides, Reiki beings, guardian Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters.

It can help us both to channel spiritual messages and to express verbally in daily life. We should stay open to reach the truth about ourselves and our inner being, even the ones we might not like at first glance.

This energy is about seeing ourselves, the world, and ourselves in correlation to the world.

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!

Life Mission System Attunement Package

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