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Lemuria:  myth or reality – did this highly developed civilization really exist?

Are you fascinated by Lemuria or do you remember your own existence in this era and civilization – an existence in perfect harmony?  Do you feel a yearning for this being deep in your heart?

Lemuria still exists, it only arose to a higher dimension, forgotten…now time has come to remember this civilization.  The Lemurians were quite spiritual beings and lived in unity with God’s wellspring.  It was the so-called paradise on earth.  In Lemuria karma couldn’t occur, as polarity didn’t exist.  It was pure joy and fortune, pain and sorrow didn’t exist.  All beings lived together in mutual love.

In Lemuria there were lots of crystal cities with palaces built of pure crystals.  These crystals are the knowledge resources of the whole creation.  Crystal energies are from highest purity, they connect you to your own divine origin, your wellspring – your higher self.  The time has come to remember and to reconnect with the ancient crystal light and ancient love and to set out for the spiritual journey.

The manual for Lemurian Priests contains a channeled meditation and a symbol to make it easier for you to get into connection with the center of your Lemurian awareness.


Group of the 7 Lemurian Priests/esses:

Pontiff – connection with the purest and most powerful energy.
Soulstar chakra – stargate chakra

3 Priests/eses – of transformation
Crown Chakra

3 Priests/eses – responsibility
Third eye chakra


In our Lemurian awareness we can merge the polarity within us, which will lead us to unity with the divine core and with inner healing.  Through this awareness we regain contact to the wellspring, the ancient light and love where we came from.  We can recognize the illusion of segregation and redeem karma.  The connection with the Lemurian Priests/esses and their crystal’s energy-potential enables us to start our journey of spiritual transformation.


Founder: Heidi Gebhard-Burger

Lemurian Priests

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