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The Lemurian Goddess Amara is a Goddess of the sea, fertility, abundance, love and nurturing.  The sea represents prosperity, birth and rebirth.  Goddess Amara is a powerful guiding force for those drawn to Lemuria in their spiritual development and growth.  The Lemurians are highly evolved spirits who have chosen to return to Earth to assist us in achieving our spiritual potential.  Goddess Amara can help to support and guide us when we are on our path of spiritual ascension.

In this attunement a series of seven symbols are imprinted into your energy field.  Each is activated through use of a mantra and/or the application of the symbol to the body during meditation or healing work.  These symbols represent different aspects of Universal Energy that Goddess Amara brings to us.  You can use them to help maintain your well-being on all levels.  They can support and nurture you, bring inspiration, peace and comfort and confidence to you.  They provide you with joy and hope that can be very cleansing.  You may be helped when you are in contact with low energy people or in low energy situations.  In healing work and meditation you can be helped to connect with the Universe.

This system can be used both for yourself and others.


Founder: Anna May

Lemurian Indigo Connections

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