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The Lemurian Crystal Band of Light is an electromagnetic force field of crystal energy light that surrounds planet Earth.  The crystal band of light emanates a high energy love force that holds the power of creation.  It holds inside it the high vibration of unconditional pure love, harmony, unity and peace.

Before the Land of Lemuria sank into the ocean, the Councils of Light allowed the Lemurians to create a crystal band of light that was placed around planet Earth to assist Gaya and humanity when the time for ascension comes.  Its intention is to raise the vibrations of humanity and help them transition into higher dimensions of light and consciousness of love, harmony and peace to create the Golden age on Gaya.

Humanity doesn’t have to remember how to activate the Lemurian crystal band of light, but to attune and align with the energies of the light energy field.

The attunement to the Lemurian Crystal Band of Light aligns you with the vibrations of the crystal band of light surrounding the earth and raises your vibrations.  This alignment will awaken the consciousness of humanity to remember its divinity and role in assisting Gaya to return to its higher place among the stars.  You are aligned with the highest realms of light.  It is a key to enter other dimensions and realities beyond your world to connect with high Light Beings and high light wisdom for assisting the spiritual evolution of earth.  It awakens you to your divinity and works directly with your chakras and your divine blueprint.

The manual includes a discussion of the Lemurians and a meditation with the Band of Light.


Founder:  Ofira Levi

Lemurian Crystal Band Of Light

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