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Magic is the steering of natural energies to effect needed changes.  Everything is imbued with energy; ourselves, plants, stones, colors, sounds and movements.  Magic is the ability to activate these energies.  This magic has nothing supernatural in itself, it is a natural force which we have forgotten.  Magic directs and manages natural energies to achieve a desired effect.  It is something natural, it is a violence-free steering of energies that can bring about needed changes.  Every day we make countless decisions that have lasting influence on our future and lives.  We accept full responsibility for our present and our past lives.  Only when we consciously decide to align our actions to the higher divine ideas and goals it will draw our magic and life is beautiful and full of joy.  The joyous communion with nature, the earth is a manifestation of divine energy for us.  The magical powers are the energies of life itself.  Anyone can practice magic, whether inside or outside a religious context.

The Star Priesthood
Once at the beginning of all being, there were 12 priests of the stars from the fields of El’Shaddai of the Divine Thought Field chosen to act with the supreme divine power of LIGHT – THE STAR MAGIC.  These are the 12 priests of the Priesthood Star Light, they are guardians of the Star Magic.  This star magic is the original magic of being.  Many priests and priestesses served in times of Lemurian under the priesthood of the star light.  Now the time has come to waken the guardians and bearers of Star Magic, from the times of Lemuria.  The call was sent from the star priesthood on the planet Earth to awaken the children of star magic.

Lemuria – Star Magic
This activation system is highly energetic and sets your anchor in the 999 ahead of awakening!  In this high-energy activation you will receive initiation into the Star Magic – The Priesthood of the stars.  When your soul is ready Jesus Christ will accompany you to Lemuria and perform this initiation with the 12 priests of the Star Priesthood.  There in the great crystal temple of Lemuria, you will receive a high-energy ceremony, initiation to a priest of the cosmic Star Magic.  A priest of the stars is wise, thoughtful, quiet and full of energy and he has a high awareness, combined with all that is.

This work is boundless when it is performed with the intention of love.  You may wish for you and all living beings and the planet Earth, love, peace, health, freedom, happiness, financial prosperity, healing, etc.  You can accomplish healings, anchor Star Light, everything is possible.

Lemuria Star Magic

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