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Founder: Maha Kamaleksana

Levels: 1

 Included is pdf manual sent electronically and  distant energy attunements

You will be able to initiate others

You will receive a certificate at your request

Ongoing support is available via email


About this system

Maha Kamaleksana writes in his original manual:

“Laugh Energy Essence has a strong and warm energy to help us raise our frequency to present healing process. It helps us to clarify our intentions in social interaction and providing an emotional context to conversations. We may have a better communication with the others as it signals acceptance and positive interactions with them.

Laugh Energy Essence releases mental stress. Research shows that distressing emotions lead to heart disease. It is shown that people who are chronically angry and hostile have a greater likelihood for heart attack, people who live in anxious, stressed out lifestyles have greater blockages of their coronary arteries, and people who are chronically depressed have a two times greater change of heart disease. Thus, this energetic system can helps us increase tolerance of pain and boost the body’s production of infection-fighting antibodies, which can help prevent hardening of the arteries and subsequent conditions caused thereby such as heart attacks, or strokes.”


Few more of benefits of this energetic system:

Boosts the immune system which helps the system’s ability to fight illness and escalates healing.

Muscle Relaxation

Reduction of Stress Hormones

Immune System Enhancement

Pain Reduction

It can provide good cardiac conditioning especially for those who are unable to perform physical exercises.

Blood Pressure


Laugh Energy Essence Empowerment

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