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The creator of the pdf manual and attunement wrote about it the following:

 "The primary purpose of this puja was to increase the power of my personal Aghor mantra, and to empower the variation of it that I can share with Aghori Apprentices and others on the Aghora Path, and to bring me a great occult power through the use of my new mantra.Other more general purposes include bringing greater wealth and power, the alleviation of sickness and disease, the ability to evade Death as long as one desires, the removal of debts, increasing happiness significantly, and helping those who so desire it to find an ideal mate. When you are involved in higher forms of spirituality then the latter point can be somewhat difficult as most people cannot stand our high frequency of energy for very long. Being able to move past that and to find a mate who is strong enough to not only live with the energy but to challenge us to grow further is a very great blessing.Everyone who receives this empowerment will also receive these general blessings as well as receive a balancing of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, and have a profound occult secret revealed to you by Shiva Bhairava Mahakala at some point in the near future, but you will not receive the exact occult power that I did. Such capabilities are only given to those of us who have done the work and deserve it as well as have the self-discipline to use it properly."

Laghu Rudra Puja Empowerment Attunement Aghori

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