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Use the energies in this package to enhance, strengthen, and boost the Kundalini!

Kundalini represents the energy of consciousness and enormous creative potential which is located in the area of our Root chakra in the shape of a circle.

When we awaken it, it moves in a spiral motion up through our other energy centers (chakras) until it reaches the Crown.

By opening the Kundalini our personal and spiritual growth accelerates and we reach a sense of enlightenment and unity.

This powerful package contains the following attunements:

Red-brown Light from Mother Earth: This energy comes from Mother Earth and it has the ability to open and raise our Kundalini. When our Kundalini has risen, we reach our highest potential and have our chakras open from root to crown. It is an easy and safe way to activate our Kundalini. This light is transparent and it works very fast, but in a subtle way. The activation starts from our feet, since we are connected to Mother Earth, and continues through our whole body, through chakras up to the crown.

Kundalini Box of Gold: The Kundalini Box of Gold is a very unique technique! It uses the energy of gold for the activation of our Kundalini as it goes through all chakras raising the Kundalini! It is a very subtle and gentle opening of the Kundalini. It is called a box because it is a symbol of all the treasures we have stored in ourselves. It is our personal, special box where we have our personal treasure, personal wealth, health, and potentials! It opens and it activates it! This technique uses gold energy because it is a so-called “golden activation”. This means that there will be no physical cleansing, as the gold energy is very gentle! The energy simply transforms any negative obstacle that might hinder the Kundalini opening. The energy of the Kundalini Box of Gold is very useful, and can many things can be done with it! For example, you can have a physical box that you can charge with this energy and then put your wishes, favorite objects, belongings into the box! This way it will act as a treasure and wish box! You can further perform healing with this energy. But mainly it’s for opening the Kundalini and opening up for the wealth that is on planet Earth.

Burgundy Ray from Mother Earth: Burgundy Ray from Mother Earth is connected with our Kundalini and the first chakra. The energy of Burgundy Ray goes up through your feet and connects to your first chakra. The energy then opens your Kundalini and continues up and out of your crown chakra! The energy will cleanse you and provide you with the potential, protection, and abundance of Mother Earth! Burgundy Ray from Mother Earth is a very transformative energy. By opening/strengthening and widening your Kundalini, it is going to help you reach your true potentials!

Double Purple from Archangel Michael: The energy of Double Purple activates the Kundalini, as it forms a downward spiral all the way down to the ground! It is good for grounding, for anything connected to the material world, for wealth, for opening all chakras, and for awakening our full potential. The energy of Double Purple merges with all your chakras, by moving in a combination of two purple rays that are forming a spiral.

The Arrow of Mother Earth: Will enhance the Kundalini energy flow and our connection to Mother Earth and it goes deeply from Mother Earth up through our root chakra, up through our chakras and out of the Crown chakra. Grounding.


For maximum benefit, Kundalini Reiki™ Millennium is highly recommended before or in conjunction with these energies!

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Kundalini Enhancing And Strengthening Attunement Package

SKU: 377
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