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Thinking about life, it is inevitable to “count” our blessings at some point. Even when we feel low, we should know that we are gifted with tremendous potentials.
We are wonderful, infinite beings who can live this amazing life and be grateful for everything we feel, love, have, know…
By unlocking these potentials, we reach the sky!
We should also always remember to thank God, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Saints and all miraculous beings that love and help us unconditionally.
We are all there to merge in love!


The package contains:

Kundalini Box of Gold: The Kundalini Box of Gold is a very unique technique! It uses the energy of gold for the activation of our Kundalini as it goes through all chakras raising the Kundalini! It is a very subtle and gentle opening of the Kundalini. It is called a box because it is a symbol of all the treasures we have stored in ourselves. It is our personal, special box where we have our personal treasure, personal wealth, health, and potentials! It opens and it activates it! This technique uses gold energy because it is a so-called “golden activation”. This means that there will be no physical cleansing, as the gold energy is very gentle! The energy simply transforms any negative obstacle that might hinder the Kundalini opening. The energy of the Kundalini Box of Gold is very useful, and can many things can be done with it! For example, you can have a physical box that you can charge with this energy and then put your wishes, favorite objects, belongings into the box! This way it will act as a treasure and wish box! You can further perform healing with this energy. But mainly it’s for opening the Kundalini and opening up for the wealth that is on planet Earth.

Double Purple from Archangel Michael: The energy of Double Purple activates the Kundalini, as it forms a downward spiral all the way down to the ground! It is good for grounding, for anything connected to the material world, for wealth, for opening all chakras, and for awakening our full potential. To use, simply activate the energy and let it flow. From time to time you can use the activation procedure and perform it as much as you like. Just be in a comfortable position and activate the energy by mentally stating once:  “Double Purple.” You will most likely feel more grounded. The energy of Double Purple merges with all your chakras, by moving in a combination of two purple rays that are forming a spiral.

Saint Petka’s Blessing: This is a very potent energy connected to our feminine side. Saint Petka’s Blessing is especially good for protection, against evil spirits, negative energies, and thought-forms! It promotes miracles in life! Saint Petka’s Blessing is excellent to use in times where you go through obstacles or when in a period of life where you have to make big decisions. She is a protector of women, and her energy is very potent. To use, activate it with intention and say a prayer to Saint Petka.

Inner Child Connection: Inner Child Connection is a gift and a blessing from Mother Mary. It helps us to connect to our inner being, inner child, to develop our natural abilities, to heal the child in ourselves and to help heal traumas from our childhood.
The energy can be used for particular situations in our lives when we were hurt and that we need to heal. We should send the energy into a particular moment in our lives to heal and transform. Also, it is good to develop skills that are not yet developed, that we carry as talents and to reveal some virtues about ourselves. To use, you just let the energy flow and you might get inspiration on how to unlock your potentials and discover your inner child. Furthermore, it is good to use for the protection of children in general. Inner Child Connection is good either for a single treatment or as a group meditation treatment. You can use the energy when you want to send healing to the children of the world, to help them go through famine, hunger, and injustice. The energy can be used as much as you feel. If you cannot help directly in-person, you can always help with energy work, a prayer, and good intentions.

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Kundalini Awakening And Blessings Attunements Package

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