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The Kiss of Seduction ritual is offered here for the first time from our Master collection. Only one will be ever sold to a worthy customer.

This is our most powerful mind control and seduction ritual, that we can cast on your behalf. NOTHING CAN STOP THIS, ONCE WE PERFORM THE RITUAL. THEY ALWAYS BRING RESULT WITHOUT FAIL.


We will summon forth Lilith and thousands of her succubi on your behalf and send them upon the target. They will instantly use their dominating, seducing and mind controlling powers to enslave the target to YOUR WILL. They always succeed within a few hours and the target will be bound to you until the remainder of his/her existence on Earth. The target will bend his/her knee to you in eternal submission and you will be his/her new Master or Mistress. The target will be forever at your beck and call and fulfill your desires. You can make the target do ANYTHING YOU DESIRE.

Kiss Of Seduction Ritual

SKU: 240
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