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I will summon forth the Egyptian Gods Khonsu and Thoth on your behalf, who rule over lunar magic, power, essence and energies. They will channel their divine, eternal spiritual essence and powers into you and grant you moon magic and lunar powers. They will also create a spiritual lunar magic shield around your mind, body and soul for protection.

You will be able to use moon magic and lunar powers for healing, protection, peace, love, fertility, beauty and spirit communication.

This is a 5 days long ritual and I start it during the full moon.

I will send you a bracelet, that is enchanted with the powers and energies of Khonsu and Thoth plus lunar magic, two candles, one pack incense, one clear quartz stone, one amethyst stone, two lunar elixirs and a bottle of egyptian oil.

Khonsu-Thoth's Ultimate Lunar Power, Essence And Shield Ritual

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