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Kali Naga Shamanic Power Level 2

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Includes LEVEL 2, 1 digital e-manual in English sent electronically by link

Kali Naga Shamanic Power course is a four part series empowering you to heal the true root cause of all diseases that are missed by most other systems of healing on the earth today, and to walk where you will with the certainty that anyone who attempts to attack you will be defeated by their own energy without your having to engage in a physical confrontation the vast majority of the time.

Levels: There are 4 levels and this is for level 2.

Founder: Prajna Shiva Kaldasa

Pre-requiste: Kali Naga Shamanic Power Level 1.  You may Level 2 a minimum of 28 days of doing the breath-work and meditations, otherwise, it will be dangerous for you to take up the work at this level; doing so without preparation

Note / Warning: This is a POWERFUL system of energies and it is NOT for everyone as it requires a commitment to work with energies daily etc. Please email me any questions you may have because there are no refunds after manual is sent.

About this system:

A powerful Initiation with a massive amount of information leading to full spiritual empowerment!

Level 2 continues to build upon the foundation laid in Level 1 with an advanced form of breath-work that increases your personal power 1,000 times greater than Level 1 over the next 28 days following the Level 2 Initiation if you do the Breath-work as directed in the manual for this level. This initiation also gains you the ability to replicate and absorb the power of the elements of nature as well as of people and places. This replication process is NOT a form of psychic vampirism, and is explained in detail in the manual.

However, unless you have done Level 1 first, including at least 28 days of doing the breath-work and meditations then it will be dangerous for you to take up the work of this level. Doing so without proper preparation can lead to stressed lungs and painful intercostal muscles which are the muscles between your ribs. The breath-work at each level is there to prepare you for the next level so that you will be able to move forward in this work as easily and safely as is possible. In fact, we encourage you to take up to three months before advancing to the next higher level.

There is also a powerful set of meditations on the names of the various aspects of the Great Mother Kali which will vastly improve your ability to absorb and utilize the power of the Goddess in your tantric and shamanic work. This meditation process will enable you to become much more versatile and creative in your spiritual work, and to grow rapidly in strength, power and enlightenment as well as improve your spiritual connection to the Goddess.

The work in Level 2 will prepare the way for the work in Level 3 which will bring you some of the most powerful meditation, mudra and breath-work forms on this planet which will help you become able to resist being cut, burned or shot, and to repel attackers with their own energy as well as to protect other people and places from a distance. It will also ramp up your personal power 10,000 times stronger than Level 1. If you have not done the breath-work, mudras and meditations for Levels 1 and 2 then Level 3 will not work for you.

You will receive the PDF manual for this level by e-mail. Other supplemental materials may be sent according to the guidance of Mahakali as no two people are alike, and other materials may help each person to achieve their highest and best potential. As with all of our courses, we will consult with you for three years to make certain that you get the most possible benefit out of this course.

Due to the amount of information given with our course manuals, and that they are sent as e-books and unable to be recovered, there are no refunds on course purchases from this website once the materials have been sent to you.

You will receive attunement via chi ball and emailed pdf manual.

Kali Naga Shamanic Power Level 2

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