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Native American Indian energy is based on a direct union with the natural energies inherent to all of creation. There was no sense of separation between spirit and matter. The basic insight of all shaman cultures was that everything is energy. Everything seen and unseen is made up of the same basic life force. These shamans knew that every thought, every emotion, every action rippled through the unified field of energy, often creating amazing results.

These civilizations attributed equal value to both the feminine and masculine principle. Both of these principles were honored and considered necessary for a balanced whole. In the Native American cultures, Father Sky and Mother Earth were revered. One cannot exist without the other.

Waterfall Energy is used to bring relaxation, a stage of awareness and calm purification. Water has always been a transporter device for emotions, energy and receptivity, and is a representation for Universal energy.

The manual of this system contains a meditation to connect you more deeply with Waterfall Energy.

There are two attunements to this system, to be received a minimum of 14 days apart. This strong energy may cause detox symptoms so you may need some time for integration between levels.

Practitioner Level: cleanses your entire mind, body and spirit of any and all negative issues, from mental blockages to physical issues of pain, dis-ease and underlying causes to emotional issues such as past hurt, trust issues and healing on the energetic levels.

Master Level: attunes you to the Indian Waterfall Reiki energy so that you are able to pass it on to others.

The Practitioner Level is for self-use and the Master Level allows you to also use the energies for others.


The Indian Waterfall Reiki can be used for:
• Healing yourself
• Healing others
• Healing animals, plants, birds, insects, etc.
• Healing those near death to help bring inner peace before they pass
• Make transition easier
• Inner peace
• Soul searching
• Purification of self on all levels
• Purification of water, food, medicines, etc.
• Purification of places – work, home, car, etc.
• State of awareness
• Lowering stress levels
• Healing the Earth

When using the Indian Waterfall Reiki system we tap into a massive energy supply of positive, loving, continuously flowing, and high vibrational energy!


Founder: Nicole Lanning

Indian Waterfall Reiki

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