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This listing is for an Immortal Transfiguration Ritual from our elite collection! Only three rituals will be for sale.

No physical item is mailed this time.


Astral projection, psychic powers, open third eye, clairvoyance, clauraudiance, spiritual power, ancient knowledge, sacred wisdom...

All these are within an arm's reach. But you never experienced any of these yet?

Do you wish to become immortal? Do you truly want to see and hear spiritual entities?

Then this spell is for you!

We will conjure legions of immortals on your behalf. The immortals will pull you out of your physical body and into the astral plane and channel their spiritual power into you to transfigure your soul into an immortal and possess their powers.

Allow them to do so and you will never regret it. They will awaken you to a completely new world and empower you.

Once you can see and hear spiritual entities, then you can easily master them and make them do what you want. You can command them easily to fulfill your wishes.


Eternity awaits...

Immortal Transformation Ritual

SKU: 243
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