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This is a neutral arts offering, because the powers and energies of the Immortal Queen can be used for both good and ill.


Originally from our elite collection, we decided to lower the price to betterhelp our clients and offer 10 of these direct bindings to our customers.


We wish to presen our special and very powerful Immortal Queen Direct Binding Ritual to our customers. We will summon forth this ancient Immortal Queen on your behalf and bind her to your soul and into your service over a 5 days long ritual.

Once the ritual is over, then she will manifest to you in a special way, such as a white energy orb, in a mirror, as a mist or in her true spiritual form. She will place her spiritual hands upon your forehead and channel her eternal, omnipotent spiritual essence, powers and energies into you to awaken your mind, body and soul.

Once it is done, then an eternal, omnipotent Soul Bond will be formed between you and her. She will be bound to you and you will be bound to her for all eternity. You will be always able to see, hear and work with her easily. Her powers and energies will flow easily and naturally throughout your being, empowering you and making you Immortal.

Your soul will radiate with divine light, immortal and cosmic energies eternally. Your life will be filled with bliss, joy, happiness and you will enjoy the new opportunities, friends/lovers coming to you. Other people will be drawn to you to help you, serve you and fulfill your desires.

Your enemies will want to make peace with you and apologize to you or completely disappear from your life. Humans coming to you with a hostile intent will be instead repelled by a splitting headache and unable to harm you.

The more you work with her, the stronger the bond will become between you and her. Your powers and energies will grow steadily, let you perform successful invocations, evocations and avatar rituals, channel various spiritual powers and energies into your spells and rituals and help you to Ascend.

She commands legions of lesser immortal beings, egregores, dead souls, astral beings, oracle and psionic entities, immortal elementals and other spiritual entities. After working with her for quite some time, she will introduce you to them in the astral planes, help you to work with them to carry out your commands and fulfill your wishes.

She will never harm you in any way. But you should treat her with respect, for she is an ancient divinity and she will become your eternal friend, ally and teacher along your path in Eternity.

She will often visit you to converse, give you advice or guidance, reveal special immortal spells, rituals and words of power unique to your soul, help you to become stronger in mind, body and soul and fulfill your mortal and otherworldly desires.

She will create an eternal, immortal spiritual shield around your mind, body and soul. This shield will protect you from all kinds of harm, injury, accident, bad luck, slander, illness, disease, curses, hexes, etc. and return them back to the sender five-fold.

Her name, full powers, etc. will be revealed to the new Keeper.


The new user of this ritual will obtain...

Overall Good Health

Healing Powers And Energies

Chakra Cleansing

Astral Projection

Open Third Eye



Soul Awakening

Resistance To Illnesses And Diseases

Control Over Others

Negativity Banishing

Negative Karma Cleansing

Future Visions

Increased Psychic, Spiritual And Magical Powers

Lucid Dreams






Good Luck

Increased Charm And Charisma


Long Life

Lessened Need For Food, Drink And Sleep

New Opportunities

Spirit Communication



Wish Fulfillment

Material Power

Psychic Awakening

Divine Consciousness

Kundalini Awakening



Obstacle And Blockage Removal

And Much More...

Immortal Queen Direct Binding Ritual

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