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This binding is an exceptional blend of enchantments which is as complex as it is beautiful. The binding deals with Immortal power; that allows one to see through the eyes of an Ancient Sorceress. It's an incredibly powerful binding with many opportunities which present themselves. While we admit, it can be terrifying to have a compelling & unfamiliar dream of another life, it can also be quite an eye-opening experience. For those who seek to gain power in their own lives, but you do not possess powerful magickal and spiritual powers, you will find yourself realized in her powers, talents and achievements.

This is a most alluring & provocative opportunity to discover what life was like for the Ancient Sorceress. It reflects the totality of her lives and their courageous moments as well as their failures. There is no stone left unturned through this multi-layered binding which exposes her for the whole person she truly was. There is much to be gained through the sight of this extremely powerful sorceress, whose foresight & forward thinking became the things legends and immortality were made of.

Immortal Power Of The Sorceress' Eyes

SKU: 224
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