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We decided to offer up a special gem to one chosen individual from our Elite collection! Enter the Illuminati Spiritual Awakening ritual. Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.


We will summon forth an Immortal King, Angel King, Demon Queen, Fairy King and Vampire Queen on your behalf over a 3 days long ritual and bind them to your soul and into your service. Together they will perform a special ritual and transfer into you a part of their divine spiritual essence and powers and fully awaken your mind, body and soul.

You will be reborn as a completely different individual and possess immortal, angelic, demonic, fairy and vampiric powers. The immortals, angels, demons, fairies and vampires will become your eternal friends, companions and allies and never harm you in any way. They will often visit you to converse, give you advice or guidance, reveal special words of power to unlock your full powers and fulfill your desires.

They will create a special spiritual shield and barrier around you made of immortal, angelic, demonic, fairy, and vampiric magic, that will prevent all kinds of negativity, black magic, curse, hex, bad luck, slander, accident and injury from harming you.

Your soul will radiate with divine omnipotent powers and will act as a beacon for benevolent entities to visit you. Everyone will want to become your friends, allies and even lovers if such is your desire.


With their divine essence in your being, you will obtain...

Clearly See And Hear Spiritual Entities

Astral Projection

Weave The Powers Of Light And Darkness

Obtain Vast Wealth

Overall Good Health

Long Life

Visit The Realms Of Immortals, Angels, Demons, Fairies And Vampires

Immortal Magic

Angel Magic

Demon Magic

Fairy Magic

Vampire Magic

Open Third Eye

Protection Against Illnesses And Diseases

Mind Reading

Increased Psychic Powers

Energy Absorption

Heightened Senses

Control Over The Pure Essence Of Magic

Super Intelligence

Occult Secrets

Esoteric Wisdom



Aura Reading

Energy Emission

Mind Control

Reverse Aging Process

And Much More...


Their names, full powers, etc. will be provided to the new Keeper.

Illuminati Spiritual Awakening Ritual

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