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Heart of Gold 999 removes blockages about money. It was received from a Being of Light from the Pleaides. After your initiation the energy bridge opens to money’s power with a strong magnetic effect. The energy gives you money, valuable things and wealth with regular activation.

When ever you are in need of using this system communicate with it and sit in meditation. The results will come quickly as in the Universe and parallel universes is connected. Desires linked to money will be realized. Your desires are already fulfilled in a parallel reality. With the help of the energy of Heart of Gold, your energy and power of imagination help your desire to become implemented.

This is an energetic, magnetic bridge to parallel facts that you create at a time when you dream and wish for something. Using visualization and the energy of Heart of Gold 999 brings your dreams and wishes to you.


Founder: Melanie Kirana Fisher

Heart Of Gold 999

SKU: 485
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