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We wish to present a special money maker and wealth bringer entity from our elite collection! Enter the Xelrina solar spiritual entity. Only 10 of these Xelrina solar spiritual entities will be offered here.


Xelrina is a solar spiritual entity and bound to this sigil. She specializes in money, fame, fortune, success, power, promotions, good luck, prosperity, business, bringing you sales and customers, new job opportunities and helpiing you to become rich in trading and investment (any and all asset classes). Her specialty is generating money.

She is very kind, helpful and friendly to her Master or Mistress.

She works for her Keeper without harming anyone in any way, shape or form.

The more you work with her, the stronger the bond will become between you and her. She will shower you with money, good luck, bring money to you from every direction. She can make you famous, rich and powerful.

All necessary information will be provided to the new Keeper.

We will send you this sigil, a channeling stone, tea candle and a charging pouch filled with sacred spiritual herbs.

Haunted Xerlina Sigil Money Wealth Success Fame Fortune Power Sun Invest Trade

SKU: 545
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