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Tyrana, an Elder Vampire, visited us on a purely darkened night of a new moon. She asked us to offer her special Vampire Kiss to those individuals, who wish to possess vampiric powers. She also told us to price it this cheap, so more individuals will be able to receive her Vampire Kiss and enjoy the benefits. We can offer as many as requires from the Vampire Kiss offering.

Note: This is NOT full vampire transformation. After her kiss, you will possess a portion of her vampiric powers and energies without your soul changing into a vampire's soul.

After we received the payment, then we will summon forth Tyrana and tell her about your case. She will come to you in a few nights' time to bestow upon you her Dark Gift. If possible, be alone during the night and in a dark room. While you are sleeping, she will visit you and kiss you on your neck, transferring a portion of her dark vampiric powers and energies into your mind, body and soul. You may have erotic dreams with vampires that night.

When you wake up in the morning, you will definitely feel the changes. These may include an increased desire to love, sex, hunger, thirst or power. Your vampiric powers will reach it's full potential over time. They will gradually increase and you can always ask Tyrana for advice regarding the changes in you and how to control your vampiric powers to obtain what you desire.

The full powers, energies and benefits that you will gain from her Vampire Kiss include love, sex, control over others, dominance, seduction, life-blood-energy draining from others, long life, increased speed, physical strength and charisma, vampiric sight, blood sensing, danger intuition, wealth, protection, some resistance to illnesses and diseases and overall good health.

Embrace Tyrana's vampiric powers and energies, the darkness, the night and fulfill your desires.

Haunted Vampire Kiss Blessing Female Blood Mind Control Love Sex Life Energy

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