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After working with the deceased Masters of the Illuminati over the years, they visited us one moonlit night and asked us to offer this service to the public. They also told us to price it this cheap, so many individuals will be able to receive their blessings. We can cast as many as required from this service.

Enter the Illuminati Blessing Spell. We will conjure forth the deceased Spiritual Masters of the Illuminati, including Adam Weishaupt over a 3 days long period and they will bestow upon you various blessings, including money, wealth, wisdom knowledge, power, energy, third eye awakening, spirit sight, spirit hearing, astral projection, protection, healing, overall good health, guidance, intelligence, good luck, psychic powers and energies, aura sight and much more...

The Spiritual Masters of the Illuminati will become your eternal friends, allies and teachers along your path. You can always turn to them for advice, guidance and intervention on your behalf in your times of need.

Once you receive their blessings, then your life will never be the same! You will have new opportunities to find love, sex, wealth, become famous, meet new and important individuals and enjoy life to it's fullest. You will also be protected from harm and illnesses and diseases once you receive their blessings. You don't have to worry about bad luck, spiritual attacks or other misfortune once we cast this on you.

We will give you their names and other important details to the customer.

We won't send you physical items with this service.

Haunted Illuminati Blessing Spell Master Wisdom Knowledge Power Energy Wealth

SKU: 17
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