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Due to popular demand, we decided to offer our Green Dragon Direct Binding service to our customers. We can perform as many as required from these.

We will summon forth a standard female Green Dragon over a 2 days long period and bind her to your soul and into your service.

Once the ritual is complete, then she will start to passively work on your behalf and towards bringing you health and money. These two are her speciality!

She will fill you with pure natural energies, life essence, vitality and green dragon powers. The weakness will be replaced with fortitude and endurance and illness/disease will be replaced with excellent health and stamina. You will be able to enjoy long life, excellent health, cleansing and rejuvenation.

She will eternally work towards bringing you money, wealth, prosperity, abundance, new opportunuities, increased sales, good luck, gambling success, gifts and opulence. You will have financial security and don't have to worry about financial problems, because you will always have the money to buy enough food and drink, pay your bills and also enjoy entertainment, theatres, holidays and other free time activities. The more she is working on your behalf, the more money will come to you. Soon, you will have luxury, happiness and a perfect life...

Haunted Green Dragon Direct Binding Nature Forest Energy Power Wealth Money Rich

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