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We wish to offer our Fire Dragon Direct Binding service to our customers. We can offer as many as required from these direct bindings!


We will conjure forth and bind a standard fire dragon to your soul and into your service in a 2 days long ritual

Once the ritual is done, then the fire dragon will start to work to bring you good health, vitality and well being, cleanse you with spiritual fire, remove illnesses and diseases, grant you some resistance to heat and cold, basic protection from spiritual-mental-psychic harm, good stamina, endurance, fortitude and basic resistance to illnesses and diseases. The fire dragon will also work towards keeping you away from harm and to help you avoid accidents, attackers and other bad things.

The fire dragon will never harm you in any way. You don't have to give him/her offerings. The dragon will passively and eternally work on your behalf to help you and serve you.

The fire dragon's name, full powers, etc. will be revealed to the new Keeper.

Haunted Fire Dragon Direct Binding Power Energy Health Protection Vitality Heat

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